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Words Financial Health: Business, Taxes With Marci Blackman and Diana Y Greiner over a picture of Marci on a computer screen and Diana sitting in a brown booth with a red table in front of her. On the table is that computer screen and a white bowl, full of slips of white paper.
picture of Marci Blackman on left and Diana Y Greiner on right, sitting on steps. Marci has her arm around Diana.

Marci Blackman + Diana Y Greiner

Co-Founders, Treehouse Taxes

Treehouse Taxes, run by Diana Y Greiner and Marci Blackman in Brooklyn, New York, caters specifically to self-employed individuals and small businesses. They built the Treehouse so you will have a safe, fun, and friendly place to get your taxes done.

Marci has been providing a combination of tax preparation, bookkeeping, and accounting services to a wide range of clientele, including individuals, partnerships, and small corporations for the past 20 years. As a longtime freelancer and award-winning novelist, Marci understands what it means to “hustle” for your dreams, particularly as it pertains to taxes. As a partner in Treehouse Taxes LLC, Marci believes transferring knowledge and helping artists and freelancers become savvy taxpayers is a form of social justice.

Diana Y Greiner knows about cobbling together an income, tracking expenses, and pursuing a dream. She has spent over 20 years juggling the life of a performing artist while developing and maintaining her left brain as the managing director of an arts organization, a waitress, an acrobatics instructor, an office manager, a massage therapist, a bookkeeper, and finally a full-fledged tax nerd by earning her EA. Through it all she maintains that connection is the point of everything.